Cleure Lands Celebrity for Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund Raiser

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ventura County (BBBVC), helps thousands of children find adult mentors during their crucial developing years. Like most non-profit organizations, BBBVC needs money to sustain their activities and to support their programs. For over twenty years, an annual golf tournament has been one important way to help raise funds. Pro Golfer Cory Pavin has been the past celebrity host, but due to other obligations, had to step aside as host. - March 12, 2008

Cleure, Personal Care and Cosmetics Company Signs Pact with Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Cleure has signed The Environmental Working Group’s Compact for Safe Cosmetics to provide personal care and cosmetic products that offer safer ingredients. Cleure founder Dr. Flora Stay says she has dedicated her life to providing safe products and educating consumers about the importance of personal care and cosmetic ingredient safety. She supports the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) efforts and this why she signed the pact. - December 08, 2007 Releases New E-Book on Product Label Wisdom

Cleure founder and president, Dr. Flora Stay says “Informed consumers make wise buying choices”. Many people don’t realize product labels may say one thing, but mean another. The free new e-book on , Product Labels: a cautionary tale, breaks down the label code and is available to download on the Cleure website. - December 08, 2007

Cleure Toothpaste is Free of Chinese Influence

The mark of “Made in China” is seen on many products sold in the United States. Cleure, formulators of safer personal care and cosmetic products, have always and continue to be made in the U.S.A. Flora Stay, D.D.S, a dentist and founder of Cleure, says consumers should not only be concerned about products made in China but should become more educated on products made here in the U.S. - December 08, 2007

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