New Christian Children Book About Coping with Anger 

Baltimore, MD, August 29, 2015 --( Corine Hyman, a dedicated clinical psychologist is excited to announce her first book that combines her training as a clinical psychologist and Christian faith "Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry."

Book Description- Does your child have trouble expressing their anger? Do they call names when angry or hit when mad? "Teaching Christ’s Children about Feeling Angry" helps children understand and manage the difficult emotion of anger from a biblical perspective. Once again, Corine Hyman breaks down what the Bible says in a way that children can understand. Like all of Corine’s books, "Teaching Christ’s Children About Feeling Angry" is designed to speak directly to the child, and acts as a discussion starter for children and adults to use together.

"Teaching Christ's Children About Feeling Angry" has already drawn in a great deal of praise.

"'Teaching Christ's Children About Feeling Angry' shows us that feeling anger is OK - it's an emotion given to us by God like all the others, but it's how we handle our anger that's important." -Meg Falciani, blogger at Adventures with Jude.

"This is a delightful book for children and parents to read together. The story is beautifully illustrated, and kids will identify with the adorable main character and the problems she faces. Consequences to bad behavior are shown, as well as practical ways to deal with anger. Biblical principles are clearly presented in a way kids will be able to understand. I will be using this book with my Sunday School classes!" - Elizabeth Proske.

"This is a good starting resource with a biblical perspective for parents to use to start a discussion about anger issues with small children. Ms. Hyman presents the topic in an engaging way while holding true to God's values." -Christine Tate, Author of "The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug."

“This is Dr. Hyman’s best book yet! It is good for parents as well!” – Nia Clark

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