Family Pest Control’s Alternative Mosquito Repellent Control Services

Mosquitos can be quite a problem for households, especially during the dreaded West Nile season. Fortunately, there are many repellents out on the market that can prevent these insects for sucking your blood, but these repellents are only a Band-Aid solution to a more long term problem.

San Antonio, TX, August 30, 2015 --( That is why Family Pest Control is offering customers the opportunity to keep away bloodsuckers for good with their high velocity mist blower.

According to Family Pest Control their chemical treatment, “plus eliminating any standing or trapped water will reduce up to 95% of mosquito activity for a month. This repellent uses pyrethoid insecticides and insect growth hormones and is applied to common mosquito hiding places like still water and under surfaces like leaves.

Individuals who do not have a household mosquito problem, but still find themselves being eaten alive are encouraged to create natural repellents, instead of using store-bought brands. The following made-from-home, herbal remedies should solve any itchy problem:

- Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

- Lavender

- Cinnamon Oil

- Thyme Oil

- Greek Catnip Oil

- Soybean Oil
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