The Water Performance Academy Will Host a Managed Print Services (MPS) for Solution Providers and Sellers Seminar & Workshop; Tuesday October 13th

This seminar and workshop will help you strengthen and sell Your MPS Program by adapting to the market shift for MPS and ensuring that your solutions and sales force are enabled to meet the changing customer demands and expectations. It is recommended for MPS solution providers (including the Channel), MPS sales teams, and MPS consultants who have a vested interest in becoming or remaining a viable, competitive MPS solution & service provider.

Philadelphia, PA, August 31, 2015 --( Today's Changing MPS Environment

Managed Print Services as a solution is at an inflection point where the demands of buyers, advancements in technology, and the demographic shift in the workforce are forcing MPS solution providers to adapt not only their offerings, but also the sales force to remain viable in the face of these shifts toward Managed Imaging & Output Services (MIOS), and Managed Content Services (MCS).
While cost reduction remains the primary driver of MPS demand, emerging shifts influencing demand include:

* The necessity of a plan to guide actions, investments, and decisions
* Remote workforce requiring secure content flow
* Younger workforce necessitating digital infrastructures
* Cloud computing and mobility driving digital retrieval & output anywhere
* Workplace business complexity requiring expert guidance
* Legislation and security concerns dictating digital content solutions
* Technological advancements expanding solution options
* Clients requiring a higher level of seller acumen

This seminar & workshop is designed to help solution providers strengthen your offering to be more competitive, and to help prepare sales & support professionals to effectively support your prospects/clients toward improving sales performance and MPS deal closure rates.

The program facilitators work directly with buyers in helping them make better Imaging & Output/MPS purchase decisions. They bring this valuable insight to the program to help participants understand what buyers expect from solution providers, what turns buyers off, and why they award deals to one vendor vs. another.

The lead facilitators for this session are published authors who have written extensively on the topics of MPS, Imaging & Output, The DISC (Document-related Information Supply Chain--a term they coined), and sales & selling. Their book titles include: “The Billion Dollar Deal” (based on business expert Michael Maupin's experience of winning a $1.2 Billion services sales deal); “Managed Print Services” and “MPS For Buyers” (by the world's #1 best-selling author on MPS, Tab Edwards).

More information and data sheets can be found at:
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