Veteran Draws on Life Experiences to Create Volume of Poetry

Dog Ear Publishing reviews a collection of poems that describe love for nature, the world and the creator.

AURORA, OH, September 03, 2015 --( Words have a power all their own, and poetry is one way writers share that power with others. Author James Spisak shares his thoughts on love in all forms with a new collection of poetry released by Dog Ear Publishing. The book contains 83 poems and 30 snippets, shorter selections that prove just as powerful as traditional poems, writing of lost chances as well as those taken, time and its passage, and the beauty, grace and power of God.

In “Words,” Spisak uses free verse to create love poems that describe the emotion evoked by people, nature and God, who created both. In the poem “My Twin Brother,” he imagines a tree is his twin because it was planted the day he was born. Both faced illnesses but grew to be strong, having fun together on a swing tied to the tree’s branches, and sharing his love with his special brother as he and his future bride pledge their love under its branches.

“Circles” shares the author’s wonder about the beauty of their very shape, without beginning or end, including the bang that created the universe, creating a ring of circles “into the emptiness of space.” Can the center of that circle be the place we call Heaven? Poems about words themselves, such as “Trivial & Insignificant,” reflect the book’s title. In that selection Spisak warns: “Be careful, please, be careful how you label things and times.”

Equally moving is the poem “The Flower Garden,” which compares a humble gardener to the Gardener of men, who loves His garden and its flowers, and all know and love Him. But there’s a difference in what grows in this special garden: “Unlike all the other gardens, the flowers picked from this garden will never die as long as they are with Him.”

This is the first published book for author James Spisak, a Korean War veteran who began writing poetry in 2008. He and his late wife, Betty Lou, who were married for 51 years, have a son and daughter. The family man sings tenor with his church choir.

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