Colorful Iguana Teaches Lesson About Being Content with Life in Children’s Book

A children’s book popping with color tells the story of a young iguana who discovers many other jungle animals don’t share his enjoyment of relaxation. Dog Ear Publishing reviews this new book by artist and writer Buffie Biddle, showing the importance of friendship and loving yourself.

Phoenixville, PA, September 03, 2015 --( Watching the world go by makes Daniel the iguana very happy. In fact, he loves relaxing in the warm sunshine of his rainforest home. Some of the forest’s busier animals just don’t get it, but that’s OK with Daniel, who stars in Buffie Biddle’s first children’s book, released by Dog Ear Publishing. In the end, he teaches children that they should be true to themselves, no matter what others think.

“Pura Vida Mae!” features Daniel and his friends – two other iguanas, a sloth and a butterfly – as well as a few more energetic (and at times menacing) animals that live nearby. Set in the rainforest of Costa Rica, the story tells the story of Daniel and how sometimes his love of leisure frustrates others. Busier creatures such as birds that constantly work on their nests, monkeys jumping from tree to tree and jaguars hunting prey just don’t understand Daniel, who has fully embraced the phrase “Pura vida.” It’s the national greeting of the Costa Rican people, translating to “pure life” but meaning everything from “hello” or “nice day” to “safe trip” and “goodbye.” “Mae” is a Costa Rican slang word for friend, similar to our “buddy” or “dude.”

The author – who also illustrated the book – fell in love with the flora and fauna of Costa Rica during her first visit, and her artistic senses were inspired by its vibrant colors, smells, sights and sounds, as well as the culture of the country. A short pronunciation guide lists relevant Costa Rican slang and Spanish words, and the author includes three pages of information about the animals mentioned in the book, providing details about the creatures such as what they eat, how they move and other fun facts.

Author Buffie Biddle is inspired by wild life and the uniqueness of the natural world, exploring texture, shapes and colors. The artist is a conservationist, writer and former educator. She has a degree in fine arts and a minor in special education, and she worked with children for almost 12 years. Biddle focused on behavior needs such as socialization, specializing in children with autism and their siblings as well as children who could be their friends. She used stories she created to fit children, making lessons more successful and therapeutic. “Pura Vida Mae” is the first story she has published.

“From the subtle blushes of the flowers to the incredible detail of Vivi the butterfly’s wings, each page of this book could be a painting in itself. Overall, the vivid illustrations and charming story are the perfect way to expose children to the incredible vibrancy and unique habitat of the rain forest.” – Kirkus Reviews

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Pura Vida Mae!
Buffie Biddle
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3977-0 58 pages $13.95 US

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