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Maple River Winery Releases Medora Chokecherry Wine

Handpicked chokecherries from Medora and Billings County North Dakota were used to make this limited edition Chokecherry Wine.

Casselton, ND, December 08, 2007 --( Maple River Winery, located in historic downtown Casselton, announces its 2007 limited release of its Medora Chokecherry Wine made with handpicked chokecherries from Medora, Billings County and surrounding counties.

In 2007, the North Dakota Legislature made Chokecherry the official state fruit. People from all over North Dakota have been interested in promoting the official state fruit. According to Jeff Weispfenning, North Dakota Deputy Agriculture Commissioner, “This is a creative approach to harvesting chokecherries and has a potential to increase agri-tourism throughout the state of North Dakota.”

The Billings County Historical Society coordinated the effort to collect chokecherries. “This was a joint effort to celebrate this native fruit which has been a mainstay for many generations who lived on the plains,” James Odermann, Chokecherry Committee chair person said. “We are pleased with the cooperation of local residents and we hope to expand this effort in the future.”

The Historic Medora Chokecherry Wine will be available beginning December 3rd. Only 900 bottles will be released to the public. “We are pleased with the relationship we have been able to establish with the Maple River Winery,” Odermann said. “This unique idea creates economic development for both ends of North Dakota and provides an example of the successes that result through communication, collaboration and consensus building.”

The Billings County Historical Society will host a Chokecherry Festival in Medora in the summer of 2008. Odermann said the BCHS board will release details after the group’s January board meeting.

The wine is available for sale at various retail outlets by special order in North Dakota and via the Internet. For more information, visit or contact Greg Kempel at 701-347-5900 or

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