Green Alternative Systems (GAS) Announces New Incentives Program for Fleet Propane Conversions

Chino, CA fleet propane conversions company Green Alternative Systems (GAS) has announced Ohio has reintroduced their incentives program which rebates companies that undergo industrial gas to CNG conversions. Ohio Staterep David Hall said

Elkhart, IN, September 04, 2015 --( “The impact of such legislation will be revolutionary for Ohio,” said Hall. “It will create jobs and support our economic recovery; it will be environmentally friendly, eliminate our dependence on foreign energy and act as an instant stimulus for all businesses and Ohio families by cutting their fuel bills almost in half.”

Bill H.B.176 aims to promote the use of compressed natural gas (CNG), reward industrial gas to CNG conversion and other alternative fuels in the vehicles of individuals, businesses, and public transportation fleets on Ohio’s roads through tax breaks and other incentives.

Green Alternative Systems specializes in Industrial alternative fuel conversions and is an advocate for conversions for the number of cost-saving, environmental, safety and economy strengthening benefits. The company has locations across North America that has the space, equipment and training to handle full fleet conversions. The team is routinely re-trained with the most up to date industry knowledge available on the market.

The team at Green Alternative Systems works to provide fleet propane conversions quickly with the highest quality of standards in the industry. Green Alternative Systems is also the only CNG conversion specialist that offers the only Ford E-450 6.8L CNG Fuel System, which successfully completed the comprehensive 7 Year/200,000 miles Altoona Life Cycle Test with zero failures to the CNG Fuel System and its related components.

Green Alternative Systems is in-the-know on many government rebate programs and would be happy to discuss and inform customers for managing a fleet-driven business with cost-saving efficiency. For more information and questions about fleet propane conversions and Green Alternative Systems, contact the company directly.


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