BONBON Networks Expands to Offer A-Z Talk Show Production

BONBON Networks, the creators of the ASKBONBON Show, a motivational talk show, announces that they are expanding their services to produce talk shows for other clients.

New York, NY, September 03, 2015 --( Television is still a very strong media and the New York based BONBON Networks has created a team and a formula that wins.

Over the last year, they have successfully interviewed over 140 thought leaders, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs.

They have assembled a team, studio and distribution that works, getting each episode aired in multiple cities.

"I have a very strong production background, having produced motivational seminars for the past two decades," said Bruderer, CEO of BONBON Networks. "So television was a natural transition for me. We created an incredible team, systems and distribution network that puts out great content."

They have now expanded their services to produce shows for other thought leaders that are looking to reach a mass audience.

They provide a full-service package so that the talent is just required for a few hours a month and they do the rest. It is the perfect solution for anyone that has a message and wants to reach a large audience.
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