Codifyd Releases Groundbreaking e-Commerce Product Content Software

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers can now share, transmit and publish e-commerce product content faster and at reduced cost.

Chicago, IL, September 04, 2015 --( Codifyd Inc., the leading provider of e-commerce product content solutions, today announces the worldwide release of Codifyd Bridge, an innovative platform that automates product content onboarding, distribution and channel management.

Onboard products quickly and accurately

Developed for digital commerce, Bridge enables an ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors and retailers to efficiently prepare and onboard product data at a fraction of the time and cost. Through Bridge, online sellers can automatically transform product content to meet any channel partner’s data requirement, eliminating manual formatting and speeding time to market.

Bridge’s patented machine learning technology classifies SKUs to meet any e-commerce product hierarchy format, maps product attributes to fit any product model requirement and normalizes product information to satisfy any data standard. Now with Bridge, online sellers can manage and deliver millions of structured data points to channel partners without drowning in tedious, manual tasks required by many of today’s solutions.

Achieve the endless aisle

With global e-commerce sales predicted to reach more than $1 trillion by 2018 and a growing demand for large product selections, e-commerce sellers are pursuing the endless aisle to best competition, meet consumer demands and increase revenue. A key challenge they face is to unify product information from multiple sources into a structured format that customers can easily navigate, find and understand.

“With a shift to online selling from traditional retail and direct sales, both B2B and B2C companies must quickly, efficiently and accurately manage their online product data if they want to stay competitive,” says Sanjay Agarwal, president and CEO of Codifyd. “Bridge’s innovative technology lets a complex web of e-commerce sellers manage and control their product content in a way that’s never been seen before.

Codifyd Bridge key features

· Machine learning technology learns product context and builds reusable vocabulary to speed automation and remember mapping decisions

· Predictive analytics technology suggests mapping ideas for fewer data and classification errors

· Product category mapping classifies hundreds of thousands of products instantly

· Product attribute mapping matches attribute names and contexts without guesswork

· Product data transformation turns messy, inconsistent data into structured, customer-friendly content

· Easy-to-use interface guides nontechnical business users through setup and implementation

About Codifyd

Codifyd ( is dedicated to helping B2B and B2C e-commerce companies navigate and meet the challenges they face in today’s digital commerce marketplace. At Codifyd, we’re product content obsessed. Our product content design, implementation and maintenance strategies not only enable clients to reduce costs, speed time to market and grow revenue, they also pave the way for an outstanding e-commerce shopping experience for online buyers. From product categorization to attribution to site search to the nitty-gritty details of product data, our services, strategy and technology solutions are the result of 15 years of product content research and practice. Codifyd’s technology-enabled consulting services and cloud-based solutions let e-commerce companies accelerate their products’ potential.
Brad Johnson