Palmchip Announces AcurX-Lite ™ SoC Platform for Wireless Mobility

Supports major CPUs and 3rd party proven IP cores.

Santa Clara, CA, December 09, 2007 --( Palmchip® Corporation today announced its new AcurX-Lite™ SoC Platfom based on Palmchip patented SoC technology. AcurX-Lite readily interfaces with major CPUs and proven 3rd party IP cores for the Wireless Mobility market. The new AcurX-Lite, comes with CPU bridge, memory subsystem bridge, DMA controller bridge, power management, interrupt controller, watchdog, general-purpose timers, two UARTs, I2C, SPI master, and a real-time clock. It supports multiple CPU cores (ARM, MIPS, ARC, Tensilica), multiple memory subsystems, 3rd party (Mentor, Synopsys) PCI, USB, Ethernet, Wireless and Video IP on a single chip.

The AcurX-Lite SoC platform provides flexibility for customers to choose their CPU core, Memory-Subsystem and other proven 3rd Party IP cores such as WiFi, WiMAX, PCI, PATA, SATA, USB and Ethernet.

For on and off chip memory, AcurX-Lite comes with options to include 1) PalmData Switch based upon Palmchip patent pending Matrix technology. PalmData Switch speeds up system performance at the lower clock speed through the use of the PalmData Switch and on-chip SRAM. Applications achieve the maximum throughput by simultaneously accessing the different memory subsystems thus prolonging battery life. PalmData Switch supports multiple memory subsystems, on and off chip for specific data requirements and 2) Palmchip Memory Subsystem which supports SRAM, FLASH, DDR and DDR2/DDR3 standards memory subsystems.

“AcurX-Lite is developed for customers who want higher performance and longer battery life. Customer wanted readymade IP and integrated Platform with 3rd Party IP ready, we are providing a highly flexible and customizable platform,” said Jauher Zaidi, president and CEO of Palmchip Corporation. “By using a AcurX-Lite SoC, our customers are able to implement complex designs today and plan for future design and standard.”

Palmchip SoC platform products have been used to build SoC chips in mobility applications including Cell phones, Single chip DVD players, Smart phones, WiFi, MIMO, WiMAX, Wireless networking, GPS, USB, Multi-media and Flash storage devices.

The AcurX-Lite SoC platform is delivered with Verilog RTL code, synthesis scripts, platform test bench, test suites, simulation models, and user’s manual. The platform can be targeted to any number of foundries.

In addition, Palmchip provides cost effective outsourcing for custom embedded mobile and wireless applications which include Hardware, Firmware and Software Applications. For more information, please visit or send email to

About Palmchip Corporation:

Palmchip, founded in 1996, is a leader in the development and licensing of Market Specific Standard Platform (MSSP), System-on-a-Chip software and hardware patented technology. More than 30 consumer products on the market today use their patented CoreFrame® technology. Palmchip provides software, hardware and applications design services to its clients in the US, Europe and worldwide. Please visit for more information.

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Irfan Arshad
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