Global Vision NGO Camps for Cancer Awareness in Thane

Global Vision NGO Camps for Cancer Awareness in Thane on 5th Sept to 6th Sept 2015.

Mumbai, India, September 05, 2015 --( Global Vision NGO is conducting a Campaign in Korum Mall from 5th to 6th September 2015, for awareness activity near Cadbury Compound, Thane West, Mumbai. As cancer is a growing concern in the world, it’s important that people should be aware of the disease and its symptoms and cure. Global Vision is a cancer care NGO in Mumbai working for cancer awareness and helping needy cancer patients since its foundation. The aim is to eradicate cancer from India.

Cancer is looked upon as a disease that is incurable but with the right help and support, a lot can be done towards ameliorating the conditions of those afflicted with it. Through Global Vision they have helped a number of those in dire need of help and their reach has extended to many of the less fortunate.

Global Vision spread across various departments and looks at not only post diagnosis help but also preventive treatment to help ensure that the condition is kept in check. They also participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility activities aimed at ensuring that there is adequate corporate participation in their endeavours and make sure that making lives a little better for those less fortunate.
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Manoj Sahu