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Port St Lucie, FL, September 10, 2015 --( Reynolds Pest Management, Inc explains how pests will roam an empty house more frequently than an occupied house. Homeowners are recommended to make note of the preparations in order to avoid infestations.

While families pack bags to leave home for a getaway, the last thing on the homeowners mind will be are pests roaming freely in the home during this vacation.

A vacant house is a pests paradise. As the homeowner leaves, it is vital to keep anything a pest will get into sealed away. It surprises many homeowners, the things that pests tend to contaminate. For example standing water, sinks with food left behind in drains, or not airtight food like cereals or bread. Ants and cockroaches are the number one pests that find their way into homes in search of these sources.

Like numerous bugs, these pests are not fussy eaters. While pests generally stay outdoors, they usually go into residences in search of food, heat and also water, making use of fractures around doorways, water pipes and also home windows.

Fleas are one more insect that might grow around your house throughout the summer season. These tiny, wingless bloodsuckers search for household animals and also lay eggs in carpeting, bed linen as well as flooring fractures.

Ants, roaches and fleas are not the only pests that could take advantage of an empty home. Various other parasites, consisting of crickets, flies, mice and also rats, delight in low-traffic, human-free settings, specifically when they offer food as well as shelter.

To reduce such intrusions, Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Provides these pre-vacation pointers for property owners:

- Seal any kind of entrance factors around home windows and also entrances, such as splits as well as needless positions.

- Eliminate any sort of sort of food destination: firmly seal saved foods as well as pet foods, protected trash as well as get rid of meals from the sink.

- Often inspect your animals for fleas and also various other bloodsuckers like ticks. Clean pet dog bed linens and also vacuum carpeting weekly.

After your trip if a home has been visited by pests, it is highly recommended to schedule for a general pest control service to target those pests that have found way into the home. This will keep the pests from breeding and increasing the pest population until a serious infestation is inside a home.

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