Be a Better Recycler in One Easy Step: RecycleCoach

This Labor Day, can help people be better recyclers by registering for free collection and schedule change notifications.

Toronto, Canada, September 03, 2015 --( Recycling is about to get a whole lot easier.

With the arrival of and its free collection reminders, the biggest hassle associated with recycling – pick-up schedules that make it hard to remember when to take your recyclables to the curb – can be eliminated.

Collection schedules can be confusing especially when they are adjusted to accommodate a holiday like Labor Day. Many residents miss getting the recyclables to the curb and are stuck with mounting recyclables in the house or garage, or worse, having to throw their recyclable materials into the garbage.

But that can change. And it couldn’t be simpler.

At its core, provides free online reminders that residents set themselves. guides users through a quick and simple registration process by identifying their community and the day of the week their recycling is normally set out for collection. Once that is done, the new user sets the type and frequency of reminders they want delivered straight to their inbox.

That is it; never miss another recycling day.

Overwhelmingly, statistics show that the vast majority of homeowners want to be better recyclers. Plus, recycling saves tax dollars and earns revenues. That means more funds for other important services.

- Last year, the Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point, NC area saved more than $2.1 million through recycling revenue and offset disposal costs.

- For every ton of Pittsburgh, PA waste that is recycled, the City saves up to $30 in landfill fees.

- As recent as 2012 the Iowa Recycling Association reported Iowa’s recycling programs were supporting 11,400 jobs and generating $2.4 billion in annual industrial outputs.

So homeowners win. The environment wins. And recycling supports the economy. offers a free service to help get the recycling to the curb on schedule. Plus, it helps the environment, and it will help make Greensboro, Winston Salem and the High Point tri-cities region, NC, Pittsburgh, PA, and Des Moines, IA truly greener.

For free recycling reminders go to or register on RecycleCoach’s Facebook page.
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