Nicki Kris' New Single Featured in Award-Winning Film

Nicki's tracks have been featured on Lifetime TV's runaway hit, "Dance Moms" and MTV's "Off the Bat."

Providence, RI, September 09, 2015 --( Nicki Kris is proud to announce the release of her new single, 'Picture Yourself.' The recording is featured during closing credits in the award-winning short film 'Mother' by ASD Media & Entertainment.

'Picture Yourself' is a track that will surely move you. Nicki Kris has indeed matched the mood and the message of the film. The recording pulls at the heartstrings as the credits roll. Nicki has taken herself to a higher level and created a memorable song that will linger long after the scroll ends.

Says Nicki, "Due to its connection to the film, it was very important to me that 'Picture Yourself' be produced in a manner that would capture the essence of the film and the message of the lyrics. I decided that I needed to work with a more seasoned producer than myself so I gave Kevin McNoldy a call. Having worked with Kevin on my last EP from a mastering perspective, I felt very comfortable with him and his capabilities so it just made sense to have him drive the project from the beginning. I’m thrilled with the result and it has been a fantastic collaborative experience!"

With the release of Nicki's debut album 'I Come Alive' still generating quite a buzz in the music industry, including a two-song placement on the 56th Grammy Ballot for Best Pop Solo Performance as well as the inclusion of her track 'Beautiful' on Lifetime TV's highest-rated show 'Dance Moms,' she really raised the bar with her sophomoric effort in 2014, 'Dream Big.'

'Dream Big' is a blend of Pop-Americana Soul that caused a stir across genre boundary lines and also garnished several song and category placements on the Official Ballot for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy, including Song of the Year for 'Dream Big' and Best Pop Album.

From the first track, the instrumentation, unique song arrangements, and vocal performances truly encapsulate the listener. Nicki moves with ease between the storytelling of the title track, 'Dream Big' and soulful surprises, such as 'Fall Apart.' Her distinctive vocal tone and occasional light rasp instinctively capture the emotional essence of each heartfelt performance.

She is influenced by all genres of music including several of today's top artists plus top classic female rockers like Anne and Nancy Wilson, Natalie Merchant, and Pat Benatar. Nicki delivers a powerful sound that is organic. Nicki's musical compositions are filled with thoughtful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and powerful vocals that fully engage the listener from beginning to end.

Nicki is currently working on multiple projects and collaborations.

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