Official Email Marketing Announces Free Email Lists

Kelowna, Canada, September 09, 2015 --( Starting September 8th, will be offering free email lists with any email marketing software registration. Summer is quickly coming to a close and many companies are starting to consider email marketing as a new avenue for online marketing. The software provides the functionality for users to fully manage email marketing campaigns of any size. Company founder and CEO Rodney Gray stated, “Everything you require is online and there is nothing to download or install. A full time support staff is here to answer any support questions.” applies the industries best standards and practices to assure the best quality campaigns. When a list gets uploaded into their system it goes through multiple steps;

Step 1: The list is checked for duplicates and improperly formatted (bad syntax) email addresses. It removes the duplicates from the list and flags the improperly formatted ones as inactive addresses.
Step 2: Now the list is ran against a master suppression file of Spam Traps and removes over 1,100,000 in size.
Step 3: Finally it is run again another master file of known bad invalid addresses, bots and parked domains. Anything that has bounced within the system 3 times or more is flagged as a suppressed bounced, suppressed bot, suppressed parked domain this suppression list is around over 27,000,000. provides a high volume email delivery service that is 100% compliant with the US Can-spam laws and advocates responsible email marketing to learn more visit:
Rodney Gray
(888) 669-5399
29104 OKM Kelowna, BC,
Canada, V1W 4A7