Animalia Angelicus: Florida Author Larry Degala Publishes His First Work of Fiction

Now available from is the heart-rending tale of an ancient and loyal bird, a rough feral cat, and a young silly dog sharing a lifetime's experience with a loving husband and wife, caring elderly grandparents, and beloved son. Despite tragic misfortunes that befall upon a good and decent family, there is hope that an animal's eternal love can transcend even the finality of death.

Melbourne, FL, December 11, 2007 --( Local author Larry Degala wrote his first work of fiction and published it on, the online marketplace for digital content.

Mr. Degala decided it was time to share with the world the first of three stories based on the Animalia Angelicus series.

Anthony Wright, Esq. of Las Vegas, NV comments: “In Animalia Angelicus, Mr. Degala writes of a parrot that outlives generations of its human 'masters'. If you have ever pondered, 'What if these walls could talk,' Animalia Angelicus is a book that makes you wonder whether animals are little living recorders of our lives--oh, and don't forget that parrots can talk. Not only are they recorders, but Mr. Degala shows that our companion animals can exert tremendous influence over our lives in both small and large ways.

Mr. Degala says: “I am still fascinated what our pets can do. I am very much humbled by their potential to love us back. I decided I would leave something special, a gift for the next generation to cherish, in solemn memory of their passing.”

Mr. Degala was very inspired to write this tragedy. The recent loss of a family pet was devastating. Mr. Degala wrote his novella to help ease the grief and sorrow. He wrote the saddest story he could think of. And in so doing, the pain of loss finally lifted for all. This book is for mature audiences and may not be suitable for young children. is the premier marketplace for digital content on the Internet, with over 300,000 recently published titles, and more than 4,000 new titles added each week, created by people in 80 different countries. Lulu is changing the world of publishing by enabling the creators of books, video, periodicals, multimedia and other content to publish their work themselves with complete editorial and copyright control. With Lulu offices in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe, Lulu customers can reach the globe.

Larry Degala is 40 years old and works in Melbourne, on the eastern coast of Florida. His book can be found on-line at

It is available from Barnes & Noble bookstores, and is also available from Blackwell's Bookshop, a national chain of bookstores in the United Kingdom.

Larry Degala