General, Primary & Family Doctors Worldwide Joining Fight Against Glaucoma with New Through Eyelid Glaucoma Diagnostic Technology

Glaucoma preventive screenings are becoming a standard in most countries. Primary care providers, Family doctors & General physicians are adding new medical devices which allow quick, non-invasive and painless ways to detect glaucoma in early stages. Such device as DIATON tonometer aka Glaucoma Eye Test which allows to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) through the upper eyelid without contact with eyeball or need for eye drops.

Long Beach, NY, September 10, 2015 --( Since glaucoma, the silent thief of sight, is not curable yet; early detection is the only way to prevent irreversible blindness in children and adults.

Today, as an aging population worldwide is growing at a staggering rate, limited number of eyecare professionals is not sufficient to conduct early detection of glaucoma on a mass scale.

Primary, Family and General Physicians being on the forefront of an overall health evaluation have an ability today to help the cause and conduct quick glaucoma screening in an office setting as step one and refer patients determined to be at risk for a further, more comprehensive evaluation with an eye care professional.

In a study published at British Journal of Ophthalmology, the number of people with glaucoma worldwide in 2020 to be 79.6 million and 111.8 million by 2040.

The latest, Glaucoma IOP Eye Test Through the Eyelid technology by BiCOM Inc., with DIATON tonometer enables any healthcare professional to quickly and painlessly determine elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) Through the Eyelid and take preventive measures or determine treatment plans to save eyesight.

Roman Iospa, CEO of BiCOM Inc., stated, “We’re extremely proud of our R&D and clinical team that have developed the Diaton, easy-to-use glaucoma detecting technology through the eyelid. This unique device now enables healthcare professionals in over 60 countries to save sight of many…”

DIATON is currently being used by Inpatient & Outpatient Clinics such as Hospitals, Emergency Rooms, Nursing & Elderly Homes, General & Specialty Practitioners as well as Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. Diaton tonometer is also a vital part of many medical screening missions conducted in less developed communities around the world.

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BiCOM, is committed to the global fight against blindness caused by glaucoma. A unique team of engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc. uniquely placed to provide DIATON diagnostic tonometer, which measures intraocular pressure (IOP) through the eyelid and sclera, making it possible to diagnose glaucoma on the early stage and appoint necessary treatment and medicines and provide a much more favorable outcome for the patient. More about DIATON Tonometer Glaucoma Eye Test at

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