HAGA's Heirloom Seeds Offer 4 Good Features That Make Them Worth Buying

Incline Village, NV, September 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- More and more vegetable gardeners and survival preppers are ordering Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack—and it is easy to see why. This particular product presents four features that make it practical for both home gardening and survival preparedness.

The first feature of HAGA's heirloom seeds pack is its convenient packaging. The seeds are packaged in an airtight bag with a heat seal so that they can be placed directly into the freezer for long-term storage. The ready-to-store packaging is practical especially if the seeds are intended for future disaster preparations. It allows the seeds to last for 10 to 20 years as long as they are kept properly.

The second feature is the high germination rate. Home and Garden America has had the seeds professionally tested and guarantees a minimum germination rate of 85%. However, many customers have experienced nearly 100% success rate when starting their seeds. The consistent performance of the seeds is a testament to the quality of the product itself. This is why HAGA's heirloom seeds pack has easily earned a best-seller rank on Amazon.com.

The third feature is the wide selection of heirloom seeds. With 105 different varieties and a 19,635 seed count, customers are sure to find an interesting mix of their favorite vegetables, fruits and herbs in each pack. From red beefsteak tomatoes, early jalapeno peppers and buttercrunch lettuce to Italian basil, black diamond watermelons and golden zucchini squash, one can grow a diverse food garden at home.

The last and most important feature is the classification of HAGA's heirloom seeds as non-hybrid and non-GMO. Non-hybrid means that the seeds have not been crossbred with other varieties. This characteristic allows HAGA's heirloom seeds to produce crops that are consistent and true and to their specific variety.

Non-GMO, on the other hand, means that the seeds did not undergo any form of genetic modification. HAGA's heirloom seeds are grown through the most natural means so that customers can also grow the safest and healthiest fruits, vegetables and herbs in their own gardens.

These four features are the primary factors why Home and Garden America's heirloom seeds pack continues to sell well despite the heavy competition online. The convenient packaging, high germination rate, wide seed selection, and the overall safety of the seeds for gardening and survival prepping make this product a true favorite among customers.

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Home and Garden America is a non-GMO seed company based in Nevada. Home and Garden America - garden products can be ordered at Amazon.com.
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Chuck Harmon