Responsible Family Company’s Program to Prepare Caregivers for Emergencies Wins Awards

Responsible Family Company's DVD release Care for Kids: The Essential Guide to Preparing Caregivers (available now on and won the Toy Man Seal of Approval and the Editor's Choice Award. These prestigious awards reflect the program's value for families who wish to prepare themselves and caregivers in the event of a medical emergency.

San Francisco, CA, December 09, 2007 --( The number one cause of death in children each year is preventable injury, which makes caregiver emergency preparedness extremely valuable to parents, nannies and anyone who cares for a child on a regular basis.

The Care for Kids DVD from Responsible Family Company is a program designed to inform caregivers about common medical emergencies, supervision and discipline, all critical elements of responsible childcare.

“Child safety is of utmost concern to most parents and caregivers. Unfortunately, more children die every year from preventable injuries than from all childhood illnesses combined,” says Britt Michaelian, CEO of Responsible Family Company.

“If we can help teach caregivers about common emergencies and helpful ways to react, we should be able to significantly reduce the number of fatalities in children.”

Care for Kids: The Essential Guide to Preparing Caregivers received The Toy Man 2007 Seal of Approval and the Toy Man 2007 Editor’s Choice Award.

The Toy Man Seal of Approval is a non-fee based award that recognizes products that meet strict evaluation guidelines as set forth by the International Parenting Association, JPMA and ChildSafe International Corp.

In addition, the Care for Kids DVD also received the “brass ring” of awards called The Toy Man Editors Choice Award. Also known as The eChoice Award, this accolade is presented to products that contribute substantially to positive productivity and the potential for valuable skill growth and improvement in users.

Michaelian, a mother of three, looks forward to leading Responsible Family Company as it “contributes to a significant cause by empowering families to live safe, healthy, responsible lives.”

The Responsible Family Company DVD Care for Kids: The Essential Guide to Preparing Caregivers is available for purchase at and on for $19.99.

Editors: Michaelian available for Interviews. For additional Information or a copy of the DVD, contact or call 415-614-0192.

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