Shango Creates Smart Communications to Data Integration

Digital Services Allow for Complete Communication Automation

Austin, TX, September 11, 2015 --( A unique connection between telecom services and daily task automation has been made by Shango via its’ Integrated Digital Services Platform and the Shango Actions mobile app. This revolutionary solution syncs multiple business-relevant applications, saving time and crucial data such as call logs, text messages, pictures, contact information, and calendar events automatically into users’ web services of choice. Immediate benefits of the Shango solution, such as increased productivity and secure storage of data have already been witnessed by large-scale global operators.

Shango has released this PaaS solution, which uses an API-based cloud digital services platform to integrate telecom services with mobile and web applications, creating a unique business method for saving and tracking valuable information. Shango Actions for Android syncs with a myriad of digital services partners, such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote to manage workplace messaging, track productivity, and unify collaboration in a single, straightforward manner. By merging network services and third-party applications in an exceptionally fused platform, Shango allows for new revenue opportunities for service providers through existing networks and customers. This platform builds on Shango’s Number Orchestration platform – a patented offering that allows communication service providers to automate the traditionally complicated process of procuring, managing, and provisioning phone numbers required to maintain and grow their customer base.

The Shango Actions app, available for free on the Play store is seeing triple-digit weekly growth with strong user engagement across 6 countries. Shango is proud to offer such an elegant solution to both a wide consumer base, and the enterprise service providers who value their clients.

“We are thrilled about the reception we have had thus far in terms of the number of customers downloading and taking advantage of the Action application. As a company we are continuously searching for new and insightful ways to improve upon the experience and this is just the beginning of where we can take this. We are always seeking customer feedback good or bad, which provides us with the knowledge and capability of adding new feature enhancements to improve upon the end user experience and automation of web-services with traditional communications networks. Soon, we will see that all of this can take place without an app, which will not reside on an Android or IOS device freeing the end user to leverage any screen. Everything will just be automated and will work with the service based on your preferences, behavior and location. The Actions application is just the start and Shango is proud to be at the forefront,” says David Walsh, Shango CEO.

About Shango

Shango was founded in 2013 with the vision of unifying Applications, Services, Developers and Communication Networks so that end users are ultimately more successful doing the things that inspire them. Smartphones and applications have become powerful tools that improve people’s lives, but most users still find it difficult to truly leverage these technologies because of complexity. We passionately believe that Third Party Services and Communication Networks need to seamlessly come together to create the simplest and most advanced new ways for people to communicate. Housed in the beautiful western hills of Austin, Texas, the Shango team has a strong track record of technology-led innovation. Shango is privately funded, and owns all intellectual property associated with its platform offerings. To learn more, visit or call us at 512.518.1111.
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