The Spa Experience Gets a Makeover

The 'Spa Experience' evolves to yet a whole new level by pairing ancient healing arts such as deep tissue massage and acupuncture with results-oriented chiropractic mobilizations. Patients are thrilled with the long-lasting results, not merely temporary relaxation.

Dallas, TX, December 14, 2007 --( The spa experience is fast becoming a regular ritual in this hustle bustle world, but many spa-goers are looking for something that goes a little deeper, allowing them to feel better longer. That is exactly what can be found at Discovery Back & Body Center in Dallas, Texas. What sets them apart is that they are coupling the relaxing, healing treatments usually performed at day spas, such as the hugely popular 'Hot Stone Massage', with the expertise of a doctor who specializes in back, muscle, and joint issues.

The owner and directing physician of the Center, Dr. Bahram Meymand, says that his passion is "Seeing my patients living fuller, happier lives because they are now living without pain. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to know that what we are doing is making someone else's life substantially better."

One of the new packages even combines Reflexology with Acupuncture, an interesting combination, and then is topped off with a full body joint mobilization. Appropriately, it has been donned the 'Blissful Balance & Energy Package'. For those folks who could use some more balance in their lives, it looks like the Discovery Back & Body Center is serving up just that.

Discovery Back and Body Center
Susan Meymand