LegalView Announces Re-Launch of Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis Information Portal to Aid Those Enduring the Hardships of the Rare Illness

LegalView announces that it has re-launched its Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis information portal, which offers victims of the disease important resources for receiving legal assistance. The recently re-launched site also provides a wealth of background information on the illness including symptoms and treatments.

Denver, CO, December 09, 2007 --( LegalView is proud to announce that it has recently re-launched its Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) information portal with enhanced background information on the disease and the linked cause - gadolinium exposure - for victims of this painful illness. NSF is a newly discovered disease that is rather rare and usually found in individuals with kidney disease. The illness is also associated with gadolinium contained in MRI contrast dyes. Gadolinium is a metal usually used in those receiving medical imaging, such as X-rays and it is often found in those individuals undergoing kidney dialysis. LegalView understands how important it is to find help when dealing with NSF, which is why users of the newly revamped site can find information on filing a nephrogenic systemic fibrosis lawsuit as well as learn how to locate nephrogenic systemic fibrosis law firm in their area.

NSF symptoms are usually recognizable by the swelling and thickening of the skin. Those with NSF can also develop dark red patches on their skin that are painful and itchy. There are currently no known successful treatments for NSF, which is why victims of the illness are advised to contact a nephrogenic systemic fibrosis lawyer who may be able to offer consultation regarding NSF. Other NSF resources for users located at the LegalView site include background news on the illness as well as information on NSF legal verdicts and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis malpractice information. also offers other information portals on various legal topics for users of the site. For example, individuals who have been in an accident and have sustained a traumatic brain injury, LegalView can offer information on the injury such as recent jury verdicts on similar cases. users can also find newsfeeds, facts and statistics about a traumatic brain injury as well as read a traumatic brain injury blog that provides victims assistance on the hardships of such an injury. The information portal also offers tips on how to contact a traumatic brain injury law firm for legal consultation on an individual's accident. Another one of LegalView's most useful sites is the mesothelioma information portal. Here, victims of the deadly and rare cancer can find background research on asbestos exposure and treatments for mesothelioma. Victims of mesothelioma can get assistance in finding a mesothelioma lawyer in their area as well.

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