Lifelong Horse Lover Shares Her Passion with Young Fans in New Children’s Book

Dog Ear Publishing reviews this charming new children’s book that describes a young girl’s relationship with a pony she’d love to call her own.

Effingham, NH, September 18, 2015 --( When Jennifer bursts into the kitchen and announces that she wants a pony, her mother isn’t surprised because her lively daughter bounces from one idea to the next with regularity. What is surprising, however, is Jennifer’s interest in getting a pony only seems to intensify as the weeks go by. This new children’s book tells the story of Jennifer and a special pony that captures her heart.

Jennifer’s parents speak to Mr. Bryan, the farmer who owns the pony, and they agree he’ll teach Jennifer to take care of Windy Pony but won’t talk about her owning or riding him until she has learned how to be responsible for such a big commitment. She learns how to be safe and handle the pony, how to groom him and how to clean his stall and feed buckets, as well as how to take care of the tack – equipment horses and ponies use like a bridle, stirrups and a saddle.

When an accident happens – not only to Windy Pony but also to Mr. Bryan – Jennifer must come to the rescue and show she has learned to be responsible, including spending the night in the barn tending to the pony. She has a new worry when Mr. Bryan comes home – that he won’t be able to train Windy Pony so he’ll have to sell him. She’s heartbroken over the loss of the pony that has come to mean so much to her. Little does she know the pony’s new owner is closer than she thinks.

“Mom, I Want a Pony” shares not only the story of a young girl and her love for a special pony but also what is involved in horse-human relationships. Author Lois Poster, who has been around horses from an early age, shares practical safety tips for being around ponies and horses, as well as narrating all that is involved with their care. Artist David Wenzel deftly illustrates the story with detailed images, bringing the two-legged and four-legged characters to life.

Poster learned to ride horses when she was 3, a passion that has continued throughout her life. She owned a show horse farm in Virginia, showing her animals around the country and earning awards including the President’s Cup at the Washington International Horse Show. Poster later retired to a New England farm with a pair of 2-year-old geldings and a 6-month-old filly. She trained them for pleasure riding, and they were all companions for 22 years.

David Wenzel is a noted wildlife artist and illustrator. He resides in Ohio.

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Mom, I Want a Pony
Lois Poster
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-3778-3 48 pages $8.99 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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