Today's American Woman Goes on a Mission to Promote Adopting Rescue Dogs

Today's American Woman National Elegant Mrs. 2015 has gone on a mission to promote adopting rescue animals.

Oklahoma CIty, OK, September 16, 2015 --( The news publicizes another puppy mill has over 50 dogs needing homes due to poor conditions. Many of the individuals within the public question how these puppy mills are able to continue breeding. As long as there is a market for puppy mills, breeders will continue to breed to make a profit. However, Today's American Woman National Elegant Mrs. 2015 has gone on a mission to promote adopting rescue animals.

Adopting a rescue animal might not be on the top of most individuals lists; however, there are many benefits in rescuing an animal from a shelter. Some of the benefits are saving lives, the adoption fee is lower than puppy mills, and a choice of dogs with different breeds.

First, many of the animals at shelters were not there of their own choosing. Often times, the dogs were left there due to death or illness of their owners, their owners moving, a divorce of the pet parents, or an addition to their family caused the family not to be able to afford the animal. The animals who were left at the shelter due to behavior problems often were not give the opportunities to have the proper training. These animals are often the victims of unfortunate circumstances.

Second, depending upon the shelter, the animals will have a head start on house training and obedience. Most puppy mills do not have the time or patience in training the pups to become ready for the house training and obedience, and must leave this up to the adoptive family.

Third, by adopting a rescue animal, one is allowing for an older animal to have a second chance at finding their forever home. Many of the dogs have been neutered and spayed. While at the shelter, they are given their vaccinations. This allows for the dog to be in the best health possible. Most of the animals coming from puppy mills are not neutered and spayed. Most puppy mill animals are not even checked to make sure they are in the best health possible. Some rescue dogs come with microchips to allow them to get back to their forever homes, but most puppy mill dogs do not come microchipped.

Finally, there are options at shelters for rescue dogs. The future animal parents are able to choose from pure breeds or mixed breeds. They are able to have a wider choice between the types of dog they are able to adopt. When getting from a puppy mill, there is fewer choices of breeds. Depending upon the type of puppy mill, some of the dogs might be inbreed.

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Elizabeth Reeve