Elevate Your Business with Aerial Exposure

Los Angeles, CA, September 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Hoovy was started by Eugene Stark just 6 months after he completed his MBA at USC. While working with SpaceX, he realized the potential of robotics and saw an opportunity to apply that for marketing and promotions. Innovation in every field is necessary considering the changing needs and behavior of the consumers. A new idea or concept by itself appeals to the masses, who like the integration of cutting edge technology and a new communication process and flying drones attract eyeballs and engagement.

By attaching a big banner to a drone named Advatar, brands can attract attention in any place. Advatar is an octacopter that carries a wind resistant banner and is equipped with the latest safety sensors like wind speed and GPS. This ensures stability in the air to reach out to a larger area of people. With some successful “flights” the demand for Hoovy is increasing rapidly.

Hoovy is led by Eugene and Igor Stark. “We started pitching to clients in January 2015 and got a tremendous response. We work with clients to support creatives and test multiple new features and make promotions a fun and engaging experience,” said Eugene. Hoovy currently has a team of 10 people (including engineers and part time business development). Almost a decade back we saw the emergence of online advertising, Hoovy wants to innovate traditional outdoor advertising. The Hoovy platform is less expensive and generates more conversations about the ad. When Hoovy's pilots fly, they always follow all the FAA safety guidelines - never fly above people, always measure the wind velocity to make sure it is safe to fly, and never fly in bad weather. They usually advertise for clients at events, commercial plazas (they get owner's permission if they fly above private property), beaches, etc. Eugene says "We never fly above people - when we fly at Events we usually hover the banner above a promotional tent, on the beach we either set up a tent of fly above water, and on private property we either hover above a building or block off an area to hover above."

They have flown for some local businesses and are in talks with big companies to develop innovative ways of giving aerial exposure to the brands.
Hoovy LLC
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