Dr. Clayton Lawrence Selected Valedictorian of SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative

On October 21, 2015, Dr. Clayton Lawrence will accept the distinction as Valedictorian of the Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leaders Initiative.

Dr. Clayton Lawrence Selected Valedictorian of SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative
Washington, DC, September 19, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Continuing to be recognized for his leadership in the small business community, Dr. Clayton Lawrence has been named the Valedictorian of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) Emerging Leaders Initiative for the 2015 class. This initiative has placed an emphasis on highlighting the importance of entrepreneurial education in helping create jobs across the nation and around the world.

President Barack Obama has been a strong proponent of small business development and has prioritized support of small businesses stating that, “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of our nation’s promise.” It is this charge from President Obama that has spurred SBA Washington District Director, Antonio Doss, to make decisive and critical changes to the district office, including the implementation of the Washington D.C. Metro Area SBA’s Emerging Leaders Program.

The Washington D.C. Metro Area SBA District Office is the hub of government activity – generating 20%, or approximately $460 billion, of the money the government spends. The Emerging Leaders Program that evolved within this office is a federal training initiative that more specifically focuses on business executives that are poised for growth in communities that, historically, have been challenged. The initiative not only provides each of the participating executives with an organizational framework to increase their individual potentials for success, but also provides a network of resources, mentorship, and information that helps create the motivation required for these executives to build sustainable businesses and promote economic development within vibrant communities.

Much like the parable of the mustard seed, in which a strong and prosperous tree grows from one of the smallest of seeds, the SBA’s Emerging Leaders Initiative takes and cultivates a single leader, that inevitably has the potential to spread and grow his or her roots in the business community, and develops that leader into a positive force that will create lasting and economically significant results for the community and its citizens.

As Dr. Lawrence prepares to accept this honor, he is, once again, humbled by the recognition and prestige associated with such an accolade. “I am fortunate to be a part of a program to truly values and advocates for the success of small business leaders and their organizations, and more specifically, to be a part of the Washington D.C. business community, in which President Obama, as well as so many other political leaders, continue to pave the way for small businesses to succeed,” Lawrence stated. “I would be remiss if I did not personally acknowledge and thank Mr. Keith Sellars, who serves as President of the Washington D.C. Economic Partnership, for his example, mentorship, and friendship.”

Lawrence also took time to thank Ms. Nicole Nelson, the Emerging Leaders Initiative National Program Manager, Mr. Ralph Buchanan and Ms. Alexandra Piotrowski, the Emerging Leaders Initiative Project Managers, and Mr. John Huggins, the Emerging Leaders Initiative Instructor.

Lawrence concluded, “For any successful leader, having a vision for success is critical. However, that vision must always be coupled with a desire to learn and grow, and paired with the belief that there is never a time when continued learning and growth will not be needed. It is this mentality that makes great leaders and I am honored to continue being led by great leaders, so that every day I become a greater leader myself.”

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