"Network Management Architectures and Technologies Map" - All You Need to Know About Network Management on One Poster

The Network Management Architectures and Technologies Map includes all you must know about network management models, architectures and technologies. It is a unique tool for networking engineers, administrators and marketers, telecom and data communication technology educators and students.

Saratoga, CA, December 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Javvin has just released a new technology poster "Network Management Architectures and Technologies Map". This network management map is designed for people who are using, operating, managing, and learning networks, including telecommunication engineers and operators, IT and networking engineers, the network admins, and networking technology educators and students.

Highlights of the network management poster below:
- A comprehensive network management guide and reference for Telecom, IT and networking professionals.
- An easy to use training tool for IT students to get an overall picture of network management architecture, frameworks, models, protocols and technologies.
- All in one chart displays all the technologies of the network management for data networking and telecommunications, such as Telecommunication management network (TMN model), FCAPS, eTOM, FAB, BSS/OSS, OAM&P, SNMP/RMON, AAA, IPFIX/NetFlow, CMIP/CMIS and more.
- Popular network management tools for status monitoring, traffic monitoring, device monitoring and troubleshooting.
- Designed by experts with decades of experience in the network technology creations and daily management.
- Large (27 in x 39 in) and high quality poster for offices, labs, class rooms and homes.

Details of the network management architecture and technologies can be found at http://www.javvin.com/networkmanagementmap.html

"Javvin continues its leadership in the technology poster design and publication by introducing this new ‘Network Management Architecture and Technology Map’ to the industry. Build on our years of experience in the networking, telecom and wireless industries, we are constantly studying the technology developments to create posters with the latest and greatest technologies. We hope this poster could help our colleagues in their daily network management, operation and maintenance, and on-going learning of the technologies." said Dr. Jielin Dong, President of Javvin Technologies.

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Jenny Peith

Javvin Technologies, Inc.
Jenny Peith