Thee Olde Peddler Book Sellers Re-Release the Lil Quacker Book Series for 5th Year Anniversary

Thee Olde Peddler Book Sellers re-release 13 Lil Quacker Books for the 5th Year Anniversary.

Provo, UT, September 21, 2015 --( Children’s book release – “Lil Quacker Book Series”
Lil Quacker Books by Kenneth Leon Roberts

The “Lil Quacker Book Series” is a series of 13 Lil Quacker books that are being re-released by Thee Olde Peddler Book Sellers for the 5th year anniversary of the series.

“Lil Quacker Books” are books based on the belief that the world can be fun and teach values to children. Mr. Roberts has written 13 books in the collection with fun characters like Oldie Oldschool, Love, Daze, and Quick. Mr. Roberts is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, and he works to promote literacy in children.

In this children’s release, Thee Olde Peddler Book Sellers release the old time favorites like Oldie Oldschool and the Chicks, Little Reddy, Zeeb, Elfin the Lonely Elf, Bucky’s Biggest Birthday, American Pride, and many more.

Copies of the Lil Quacker Books can be purchased from Amazon, Kindle,, or the following websites:

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