Virtual Zeno Robot - The Future of Augmented Reality in Education

A novel VR viewer supports virtual robots teaching physics and geography and a new interactive playbook to help the development of autistic children.

Marina Del Rey, CA, September 23, 2015 --( Video:

Digital Elite developed a new line of low-cost head mounted augmented reality paper viewers specifically for the education market. A number of novel applications in the field of robotics, virtual physics and a unique book for autism is already readily supported by the viewer. More Apps in the pipeline are being developed to support other immersive and virtual experiences.

In a scientific study the new viewers have compared favorably against expensive VR headsets, such as the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR and Zeiss VR One. The viewers were also tested in a number of real-life education scenarios and Apps. One example is a virtual robot teaching physics and geography deployed in an Augmented Reality (AR) application to break down the final frontier between physical robots and their virtual counterparts. Results are being published in conferences in Hong Kong today and Korea later this month.

“Virtual robots are very credible and readily acceptable to our children. Our new Augmented Reality robotics App extends the classical areas of 360º experiences (gaming, music, trade shows and film) to the challenging new domain of virtual education and special care for the price of a piece of cardboard,” says Dr. Barnabas Takacs, founder of Digital Elite / PanoCAST.

Their high fidelity interactive virtual humans as well as the company's VR/AR technology have been used in research to help autistic children for over a decade. Augmented Reality and Autism will go hand-in-hand in the future.

“We already see that happening,” adds Sarah Jackson Founder of PlayPointe (, an Augmented Reality Children's book company. PlayPointe’s mission is to bridge the gap between technology and content, disability and neurotypical products and improve access to resources for families affected by disability. “Our new series of Head in the Clouds focuses on the circus dreams of its two young characters, Jack and Abby. This PlayPointe Playbook is unique because, in addition to being a traditional storybook, the book also includes coloring pages; a custom Augmented Reality application and game play interaction. Children of all abilities can immerse themselves in Jack and Abby’s adventures all while developing language, turn-taking, following directions, fine motor skills and sensory exploration. Children can color the pages and see them come to life right in front of them through marker based Augmented Reality.”

About Digital Elite Inc. / PanoCAST:
For over a decade PANOCAST has been a leading 360 Immersive Experiences technology company serving its B2B clients primarily in entertainment, marketing and retail industries. Our novel Multi-View Technology allows viewers to switch between cameras instantly, freely look around and actually become the director of a show via Immersive Interactive Media applications we develop.

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