Bling Factor is the Word at’s New Toy Department says kids instinctively know what’s “bling” and their new Toy Department makes it easy to find gifts in traditional toys, electronics, and party games that kids will like.

Elkhart, IN, December 12, 2007 --( “Kids have an instinct for what’s bling.” says Jeff Young, spokesman for “Kids want to play with what all the other kids are playing with, and want something new and novel at the same time. Hot toy bling combines the new with the popular.” according to Young.

“That is why our new Toy Department,” seen at, “has departments devoted to Transformers, Ben 10 Alien Collection, My Little Pony, and My Littlest Pet Shop. These are toys that many kids friends may have too, giving kids the opportunity to play with their peers and be cool in their eyes. New pieces are being brought out continually in these toy collections, keeping them new and the novelty going.” said Young.

“The bling factor of these toys is what is all about. Our new Toy Department makes it easy to find cool toys for gifts. Our Toy Bling is broken down into several categories. We have categories that are fun and different like Bath Toys, Finger Puppets, Kaleidoscopes, Gags & Practical Jokes, Juggling Sets, Temporary Tattoos, Novelty Games, and Glow in the Dark Toys. We also have traditional toy categories like Action Figures, Baby Toys, Dolls, and Games. ”

“Our new Toy Department also has the kind of electronic toys you would expect to find at Categories like Electronic Pets, Handheld Games, DVD Games, Audio & Video Players for Kids, and Digital Cameras and Camcorders for Kids.” said Young.

“We are also emphasizing Party Games. We have Adult Party Games, Kids Party Games, DVD Games, and Novelty Games. If you are an adult already on our site shopping for Baby Bling,” seen at, “or Kids Clothing,” seen at, “we want you to click on our Toy Bling Department and find a fun game for your next party.” Young said.

“ can be a destination web site when you are ready to buy toys as gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, family get togethers, or you are just being cool Aunt Julie. We make it easy to find the Bling that’s your thing.” Young said. is the new shopping and gift web site from Vista Virtual, LLC. The site keeps consumers up with the hottest “bling” including Razr Phones, iPhone Accessories, iPods, jewelry, the latest in clothing, as well as toys.

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