Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa, Samoa is Pleased to Announce a New Wellness Centre

Maninoa, Samoa, September 25, 2015 --( The Wellness Centre at Coconuts offers hope and relief to those who suffer various health issues that are considered “hopeless” by conventional medicine. The Wellness Centre is an alternative to conventional treatment.

Due to the unconventional disciplines involved, it is not easy to describe what the Wellness Centre is. Perhaps it is worth noting what the Centre is not. It is not a weight loss center for people with eating disorders. Nor is it a rehabilitation facility - no “lock-up” for people with substance abuse issues. However, it is a facility that can treat people with those particular types of disorders, as well as a host of other conditions, including life-threatening conditions such as terminal cancer.

The Wellness Centre is located within the grounds of Coconuts Beach Club Resort and Spa, a boutique resort with 26 accommodation units in what was known as Western Samoa, and is now simply Samoa. The resort is located in the midst of a traditional Samoan village, about 30 minutes away from the main town of Apia, on approximately 8 acres of land that is generally regarded in local lore as a “magical” place, a place with spiritual significance – a fitting location for a Wellness Centre.

If you or a loved one is looking for a higher quality of life through better health, then Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa invites you to learn more about this Wellness Centre.
Coconuts Beach Club, Samoa
Brian Rose