Americans Can Now Access Low-Cost, Professional Medical Care in Canada - Uninsured Can Save Up to 30 to 60 Percent Off U.S. Medical Costs

To find low-cost medical care, Americans no longer have to travel great distances overseas. Choice Medical Services, a leading medical tourism firm, has launched the first program to help Americans access high-quality medical care in Canada, where they can save up to 30 to 60 percent off high U.S. costs.

Winnipeg, Canada, December 12, 2007 --( Choice Medical Services, a leading medical tourism firm, has launched what it calls the “first major low-priced Canadian medical care services for American patients.” This is intended to help uninsured Americans and those with high out-of-pocket health expenses so they can visit Canada and access high quality medical care at up to 30 to 60 percent savings off US costs.

The fast-growing medical tourism industry has led many patients to endure lengthy international flights to far-off cities like Singapore or Buenos Aires for treatment. However, with this nearby Canadian service, Choice’s American patients can stay close to home and receive a joint replacement, appendectomy, cosmetic surgery or other common surgery at the company’s affiliated medical clinics in the Vancouver and Montreal areas.

“With Choice’s assistance, our American neighbors can access the finest and most affordable Canadian medical care provided,” said Daren Jorgenson, CIO of Choice. “Each of our Canadian medical clinics is staffed by fully licensed and well-trained Canadian physicians and nurses and their support staff, providing our U.S. patients with an outstanding quality of care comparable to that at leading U.S. hospitals.

For examples of the savings, a total hip replacement costs about $39,000 in the U.S., but is $18,000 in Canada. A knee replacement is about $34,000 in the U.S., but is $15,000 in Canada. And, a breast implant is $8,900 in the U.S., but is $6,100 in Canada.

Choice’s services include arranging the patient’s medical treatment, and making roundtrip travel arrangements for the patient and accompanying family members between their hometowns and the Canadian medical facilities.

Jorgenson said that Canadian residents also may use Choice’s Canadian services as a means to avoid long patient waits for treatment in Canada.

Choice has established a special affiliation with three Canadian clinics in Montreal and Vancouver.

Choice also gives patients the option of adding a Canadian vacation to their travel itinerary. For example, patients can relax in a cottage on tranquil Vancouver Island where they can watch migrating whales, or, they can enjoy the sights of cosmopolitan, French-speaking Montreal, Canada’s second-largest city.

Patient wait times will not be an issue at Choice's affiliated clinics, because the facilities have considerable availability for new patients. The World Health Organization's "World Health Report 2000" ranked Canada's healthcare system as the 30th best in the world.

Canadian health costs are lower than U.S. costs for several reasons. This includes that Canadian doctors and nurses typically earn less than their U.S. counterparts. And, Canada’s health system cost structure is lower because it does not face regular lawsuits and high insurance costs that drive up the price of U.S. healthcare.

Choice will accept insurance from American patients that have policies covering medical care performed in Canada.

To learn more about Choice's medical care services call them toll-free at 1-866-672-8284 or visit their website at

Choice also provides discount-priced healthcare services for U.S. and Canadian patients at leading hospitals in Cuba and Costa Rica.


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