Sample Chapters in Audio & Text for Book IV in “SETI” Series Available Now

Book IV of the Science Fiction “SETI” Series is now In-Work with Sample Chapters Available on YouTube. The text version for Chapters 1-3 available on author website.

Prescott Valley, AZ, September 26, 2015 --( Just announced: Author Frederick Fichman has begun work on Book IV in the continuation of the nine-book SETI Series. In addition, the opening three chapters will be made available for review in both text and audio format for readers to get a sampling of Book IV. To date, three books have been written and are available individually on Amazon Kindle. Author Fichman has also combined all three books into an anthology edition, “The SETI Trilogy,” that is also available on Amazon Kindle. This anthology is priced so that the reader may purchase all three books for the price of two.

“The SETI Trilogy” anthology of three science fiction books written so far combines the story of a young amateur radio operator who is the first human to discover an alien extraterrestrial radio signal. The story eventually leads to the Nibiru conspiracy theory possibility of a looming planet headed at high-speed toward the planet Earth. The total word count for “The SETI Trilogy” is 220,000 Words.

Book IV in the SETI series should see a completion date by the end of 2015. The storyline picks up after the alien civilization has landed and populated Earth in remote and desolate locations. Book V in the series will be written during the first quarter of 2016 and will continue to move the story forward.

The audio track reading by the author Frederick Fichman of the first three chapters from Book IV can be found on YouTube at: The text of the opening book IV chapters can be found on Mr. Fichman’s author website at All of books from the author are available for sale on Amazon Kindle. Go to the author's website for direct links to Amazon.
Frederick Fichman
Fred Fichman