Bubble Guru Voted Top New Web 2.0 Technology

Web Designer Magazine votes Bubble Guru platform, one of the most significant new Web 2.0 technologies in their top 20 listing.

Sausalito, CA, December 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Bubble Guru reports it has been voted one of the most significant new Web 2.0 technologies by Web Designer Magazine, a highly respected web design publication that comes out of the UK.

Voting covers Web Designer Magazine's recommendation of the top 20 new Web 2.0 technologies web designers should be using in their development and acknowledges each one's positive contribution in shaping next generation web development and user generated experiences.

Bubble Guru’s growing recognition as a valuable Web 2.0 technology coincides with its wider usage in the web design community and growing acceptance as an easy way for companies to quickly create and add personalized video messages to their web based content.

In a recent month long usability study, Bubble Guru was shown to significantly impact the sales figures for a large cell phone retailer by increasing their online sales results 5% for the month. Additional details on this study can be found on Bubble Guru’s web site at bubbleguru.com.

Web Designer Magazine's recognition along with Bubble Guru's recent usability testing success helps affirm it as a powerful new and maturing Web 2.0 technology that individuals and web development groups alike can use to easily impact the usability success of their web sites.

About Bubble Guru:

Bubble Guru, located in Sausalito, California, is a subscription based self-publishing video platform that incorporates a patent-pending process enabling members to quickly create and add personalized video messages to any web based content.

Their unique platform includes a video player that floats above a web page and then automatically hides from view when it's done playing, making it an easy solution for companies to integrate into web sites.

Bubble Guru is privately owned and operated by kShermanStudios LLC., a company specializing in creating online video solutions for Fortune 1000 companies.

More information can be found at: bubbleguru.com

Bubble Guru
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