Night Shift Link to Cancer Further Reinforces Need for Work Life Balancer

The recent news showing a link between night shift or graveyard shift and cancer has shift workers on edge. To counteract this, the Work Life Balancer can improve shift worker health, productivity, and morale.

New York, NY, December 12, 2007 --( With the recent news that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (the cancer arm of the World Health Organization) was adding overnight shift work as a probable carcinogen, shift workers around the world have been searching for more information. Regardless of what future studies show, few have argued the overnight shifts are healthy. Shift workers need tools to better manage the lifestyle challenges they face.

The Core Practice Partners Work Life Balancer is the tool. This innovative tool analyzes the actual schedules shift workers work and creates a plan to maximize health. The tool shows not just when employees should sleep and wake, but also outlines the best times for various types of exercise, when to enjoy protein or carbohydrate meals, and cautionary advise based on potential scheduling issues.

This low cost option empowers employees to make the right decisions. Employers can never control employee activities outside of work, but the education that is critical to make the right decisions is packed in this valuable tool.

Employees that have already taken advantage of the Work Life Balancer have called it both “eye opening” and “empowering”.

Let the Work Life Balancer help you manage the risks associated with poor health and fatigue. Empower your employees with advice that can both change their lives for the better and improve your bottom line.

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