Core Practice Partners Creates 12 Hour Shift Scheduling Practice

The creation of 12 Hour Shift Schedules will now have a specialized division at Core Practice Partners, becoming the first firm to formally recognize the need. - May 04, 2008

Core Practice Partners Sees Chinese Labor Market Feeling Growing Pains

Core Practice Partners sees signs of trouble as the Chinese government assigns more rights to shift workers and labor laws grow. - March 29, 2008

Employee Scheduling Discussion Group and Blog Announced

Core Practice Partners has recently announced a public blog and discussion group, both focusing exclusively on shift work environments. Labor Scheduling and the associated strategies have become more and more important as companies move off shore to areas with more competitive workforces and more... - March 07, 2008

Top Rated Employee Schedules and Employee Scheduling Techniques Recognized by International Institute for Labor Strategy and Kraft Foods

Top rated employee schedules and employee scheduling techniques have been recognized by the International Institute for Labor Strategy and Kraft Foods. - February 27, 2008

Core Practice Partners Employee Scheduling Retreat Uncovers Why Excel Spreadsheets Aren’t the Answer

Excel spreadsheets are not the answer to management questions about effective scheduling. The release of the Core Practice Partners Executive Workshop will allow management teams to focus on the issues that matter. - February 22, 2008

Employees with Shift Work Schedules: Core Practice Partners Releases Top Five Employee Issues Related to Shift Work Environments

Core Practice Partners, located in Chicago Illinois, has just released the top 5 employee issues relating to environments with shift work schedules. This study was based on extensive research including responses from over 100,000 shift workers in the United States. Considering 81% of the employees... - January 25, 2008

Core Practice Partners Announces Methodology for Employee Schedules That Helps Recruit and Retain Shift Workers

Core Practice Partners believes they have a better way to improve shift work operations and today from their offices in Chicago announced the three pronged approach to treating shift workers with what they believe is long overdue respect. - January 10, 2008

Employee Schedules That Reduce Potential Night Shift Cancer Risk - A Core Practice Partners Exclusive

Night shift cancer studies are being released from countries around the world. Most of this research is pointing to a link between night shift, or graveyard shift as it is sometimes called, and breast and colon cancer. Although reasons for elevated cancer levels in those working nights may have more to do with diet and exercise, the studies are shining a bright light on the health risks associated with shift work. - December 28, 2007

Employee Schedules: The Top 10 U.S. Management Mistakes of 2007 Released by Core Practice Partners LLC

Every year Core Practice Partners releases its list of the top scheduling mistakes of the last 12 months. The workshops and seminars combined with ongoing project work with companies like Kraft Foods has made this firm a valuable labor strategy resource to the public. 1. Copying a schedule from... - December 19, 2007

Core Practice Partners Creates Employee Schedules That Improve Morale and Save Money - It is Possible

With more companies forced to work weekends to improve capital utilization and reduce fixed costs per unit, employee morale is tanking across the country. Most firms have taken their widely accepted 8-hour, Monday – Friday schedules and adapted them to weekend work. There is a better way. - December 14, 2007

Night Shift Link to Cancer Further Reinforces Need for Work Life Balancer

The recent news showing a link between night shift or graveyard shift and cancer has shift workers on edge. To counteract this, the Work Life Balancer can improve shift worker health, productivity, and morale. - December 12, 2007

Core Practice Partners Pioneers Employee Morale and Employee Schedules

Employee schedules that work: On December 4, 2008 Core Practice Partners announced the release of the new CPP Scheduling Database that includes both the top rated workforce schedules in the country, and responses to various employee morale issues. - December 10, 2007

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