Millennial Libations Album World Premiere Hosted by Pro Flow Radio and the Millennium Music Mission

The newest addition to The Music Solution discography titled mad Max six pack is available for online streaming free for one entire week.

Akron, OH, September 30, 2015 --( With the upcoming release date of October 4th clear in site, Maxheat and M3 records will be streaming the full “Mad Max Six Pack” album through and Ustream live all week long starting from September 28th and ending on October 4th. Whether fans have a computer or just a mobile device, all will have free access to hear the full entire album. You can also download the “Pro Flow Portal” android app free from the Google Play store if you want to hear the album with extreme ease of access.

The album is broadcasting right now at 24-7 and each Ustream broadcast will be starting at 9:00 PM nightly eastern time. “There is already a lot of support and excitement from our audience and everything seems to be running smoothly. Every song on this album has a purpose and each single will energize your humanity,” stated Maxheat. Join the Millennium Music Mission as they disperse another full dose of The Music Solution to the public in order to stop the rapid spread of wack rap.
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