New Age Artist Albedo Just Released The Planets Album

New Age Music Artist Albedo has just released an album called “The Planets.”

Murray, UT, October 01, 2015 --( The New Age Music Artist Albedo has just released a new album called “The Planets” on Tuesday, September 29th. It's a new age arrangement of the classical work "The Planets" by Gustav Holst. It contains synthetics and orchestral samples mixed with acoustic instruments. The style is similar to Vangelis, Isao Tomita and Mannheim Steamroller.

It's a full album of 7 songs over 48 minutes in total length. It's currently being played on the One World Music online radio station, the Peaceful Journeys online radio station and several college radio stations. It's also available to hear on YouTube, Sound Cloud, Reverb Nation and various other websites. The seven songs on the album are: "Mars, The Bringer Of War," "Venus, The Bringer Of Peace," "Mercury, The Winged Messenger," "Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity," "Saturn, The, Bringer Of Old Age," "Uranus, The Magician" and "Neptune, The Mystic."

Doug Clyde performed the woodwind solos on the album including the Oboe, Clarinet and Recorders of multiple sizes. Kelly Richardson performed the Violin solos featured on the songs Venus and Mercury.

This is Albedo's eleventh album. His previous album released in 2014, which was also space themed, called “Space Probes” contained musical interpretations of space probes of achievement and can also be found where music is sold.

“The Planets” was released on September 29, 2015, which was also the 97th anniversary of the orchestral premiere of Gustav Holst's The Planets suite in London. It's currently available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, CD Baby, plus many more. In both digital and physical formats.
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