Protect Your Online Privacy and How Much Personal Information Data Brokers Gather About You

Data brokers gather personal details without your knowledge, using the collected data to create customized ads and web pages that speak to your interests. If you don’t want your personal details scattered around the Internet, follow these tips to limit you and your family’s exposure.

Scarsdale, NY, October 02, 2015 --( Protecting your financial and personal details from getting into the wrong hands starts with slowing down the flow of information data broker companies gather when you visit a website.

“Most people don’t realize data brokers gather personal information without their permission,” says Claudette E. Paäge, President, Paäge et Cie, a senior care consulting and financial services company based in Scarsdale, New York. “Data brokers work invisibly behind the scenes, gathering details about your finances, income level, medical history, religious preferences and political interests.

Paäge says there’s no law in place to stop data broker companies from gathering personal information about you. But there are steps you can take to keep the information flow to a minimum.

As a financial advisor to people who want their personal information kept as private as possible, Paäge recommends using safeguards, such as Safe Shepherd, to scan Internet and marketing databases to see if your name pops up. If it does, the software sends an automated message requesting deletion of the information.

Paäge also recommends installing free add-ons to your web browser, such as those offered by Ghostery or Download Disconnect, that make it easy to opt-out from more than 2,000 websites that gather sensitive data.

More tips for opting out of data gathering by the three major data brokers, blocking interest-based ads and turning off cookies in your web browser are available on Paäge’s blog at

Claudette Paäge of Paäge et Cie works as a financial confidant to clients who let her into their most intimate space where she brings order to all facets of their lives. Her clients range from individuals and families to children with aging parents, busy professionals and retirees in NY, NJ or CT and greater New York metropolitan area. She also provides services for older adults who live at home or in assisted living facilities meet the challenges of everyday living with dignity and grace. Get more valuable tips and information by visiting Claudette’s blog at Digital images of the booklet are available.
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