Introducing Kent Bjorklund for Osceola County Commissioner, District 3 (Florida)

Kent Bjorklund, a minister, business consultant, and resident since 1983, is a strong candidate for Osceola County Commissioner, District 3. He offers authentic leadership for the challenges ahead.

Kissimmee, FL, December 12, 2007 --( Kent's Personal Fact

Birth Date: November 13, 1963

Birth Place: Jonkoping, Sweden

Citizenship: US citizen since 1997

Parents: Stig and Carin Bjorklund, Orlando, Florida

Married: On July 21, 1990 to Helen Pindel at the Kissimmee Lakeside Park

Daughter: Anna Elizabeth, Age 10. Gifted 4th grader at Bellalago Academy.

Pets: Two cats, one dog

Hobbies: Running (about 15 miles per week), watching Gator sports, growing and eating the hottest peppers in the county (maybe in the country).

Education: Executive MBA (April, 2008), University of Florida, Florida
Bachelor of Business Administration, Baker College, Michigan

Volunteer Work: Credentialed Minister serving the District 3 community with his wife at Living Water Fellowship church.

Kent's Professional Biography

In 1983 Kent arrived in Florida and joined the Walt Disney Company Retail Division. He spent several years working various assignments throughout the Parks and the Resorts. In 1987 he was recruited to teach Disney Traditions at the Disney University. Shortly thereafter, he was called upon to be the Location Manager of the largest retail location in the company. During his three years at Mickey's Character Shop he helped to increase revenues from $37 million to close to $50 million. In addition, he was given responsibility for multiple retail locations. His diligence was soon rewarded, when he was handpicked to join the turn-around team at Pleasure Island where he stayed for another three years. After ten successful years at Disney, Kent decided it was time to venture on.

In 1993 the Oasis Lodging Group hired Kent. He took on the responsibility of Sales and Marketing Director. Kent was recruited by the Orlando Resort Group in 1994. As the Director of Management Services, Kent was given responsibility for all technical requirements. As a project leader, he helped to create new revenue sources and systems. In 1999 Kent decided to venture out on his own and established a consulting practice, Raymond Research, LLC. He has worked with various corporate clients on operational and marketing analysis. With a strong technical background, Kent has been able to help companies find useful technical solutions. Kent has managed several web development projects and often is involved with the programming. He was asked to take on the role as Vice President of Operations, which he did. During his tenure as VP of Operations he has been called upon to restructure several departments. He has also successfully integrated useful technologies to enhance productivity and customer service.

Since 2002, Kent has been running a successful consulting firm that has served national clients that range from financial services to sales & marketing to real estate. Kent is an energetic leader with a passion for operational excellence. He has keen insight into what motivates individuals and therefore knows how to rally people around a common cause. Whether it is a turn-around project or a company wanting to go to the next level, provides the critical and strategic thinking necessary to create an effective action plan. In addition, he is currently a MBA candidate at the University of Florida and is planning on graduating in April, 2008.

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