Inspired Applications Group, LLC Announces New Website: for the Safe Secure Online Storage of Product License Keys

Keeping track of software license keys is now easier than ever. Save all your keys where you can retrieve them anytime, anyplace, even with the loss of home or business.

Salt Lake City, UT, December 12, 2007 --( Inspired Applications Group, LLC announces a website dedicated to the storage and protection of software product license keys. Losing one’s license keys is a universal problem which could be avoided with a few well directed minutes. Every year U.S. consumers spend over $127 billion on software. Worldwide that number more than doubles to $317 billion*. Your software investment should be protected.

Savemykey was created to help consumers, business, and educational institutions secure and manage their software product license keys. In most cases losing a software license key is a hopeless situation. There are products on the market that will recover license keys on a running machine, but what if that machine isn't running anymore?

Software developers and publishers remind customers to retain their license keys and not to lose them. For example, Microsoft puts a large warning notice in its license agreement and urges consumers to keep their license keys in a safe place. But what constitutes a "safe place"? A sticker... a desk drawer... a filing cabinet... a document on a computer?

Savemykey is a safe place. We've taken the necessary measures to ensure software license keys are secured in our database, encrypted, and made available only to the owner when they need it.

Savemykey is not a service to swap or trade software license keys with other users. Savemykey takes software piracy very seriously and will cooperate with authorities to ensure the service is kept honest and legitimate.

Please visit for additional information.

*Plunkett Research, Ltd.; Plunkett InfoTech Industry Almanac 2007

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