Washington, Reagan, and Christmas

Mount Vernon, VA, December 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Reagan said "The most sublime picture in American History is of George Washington on his knees...".

At Valley Forge, on Christmas night in 1777, General George Washington went out alone in the woods to look up to Heaven with Prayer to God to protect, defend and prosper the American Cause.

In 1977, the U.S. Postal Service had a Christmas stamp of that famous scene. Now the book Prayer Warrior Washington shows that stamp and many other images of the Prayers of George Washington...

The image of GW in Prayer is on the cornerstone of the Federal building on Wall Street a short way from Ground Zero, and in the Chapel in the center of the Pentagon that was attacked, and under the dome of the United States Capitol, and many other places. Color images of those GW in Prayer scenes are included in the book Prayer Warrior Washington.

In the past two years many books on the faith of George Washington have been published, yet this book "Prayer Warrior Washington" published by God and Country Foundation through the Print On Demand publisher Lulu.com is unique in that it is presented as a prayer book - picture book and a work book, so you too can "prayer journal" like Washington did in your own penmanship by copying the prayers shown in the penmanship of George Washington.

Also available from LuLu.com for this Prayer Warrior Washington is a CD version that has both audio and video versions of the George Washington Prayers. The GW prayers were written in 1752, so the Prayer Washington book sells for $17.52.

The compiler of the book is a Washington scholar who served on the Board of Visitors to Mount Vernon, appointed by Virginia Governor James S. Gilmore, III, and from the Governor received the Patrick Henry Award, and three times has received standing ovations from the Virginia House of Delegates when he appears as the "Spirit of George Washington LIVES!" on George Washington's Birthday. The compiler is James Renwick Manship, Sr., who prayed the Prayers of George Washington in each of the Continental 48 State Capitols and 33 counties named for George Washington during an All Across America Journey in the Millennium Year 2000. Manship can be contacted at GW@PrayerWarrior.US.

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