Medical Tourism Panama: Dermaglide Laser Clinic is Part of the Program

South Seas Pharmaceuticals.S.A. today announced that Dr. Agueda Pedreshchi had joined the Medical Tourism team for “Treatment Abroad” offered by South Seas Pharmaceuticals in Panama.

Panama City, Panama, December 13, 2007 --( Dr Agueda Pedreshchi graduated from the National University of Panama on the 31st March 1973. As a Doctor of Anesthesiologist. Dr Agueda Pedreshchi experience spans an era covering 35 years, where she has been certified as a post graduate and fellowship of the following cardiovascular Anesthesia, laser and advanced skin treatments Chicago, USA, and a Post graduate in Permanent Tattoo and BTXA filler treatments Paris, France.

Dermaglide Laser Center has treatment options for a variety of facial cosmetic blemishes. For treatment of Glabellar forehead furrows (frown lines) and lateral canthal rhytids (crow's feet) The eradication of facial lines and furrows by soft tissue fillers, skin resurfacing, or surgical resection, laser hair removal, Acne Laser treatments Scar removal and laser rejuvenation And Aesthetic surgical procedures are specialties of Dr Agueda Pedreshchi and the Dermaglide Laser Center.

Another popular treatment at the clinic is outline toxin A (Botox) and Permanent makeup, Facials and Fillers.

Dermaglide Laser Center also introduces the revolutionary CO2GEL Mask Pack for skin healing medicine development for diseases such as bedsores. The use of "Carbon Dioxide Gas" technology for skin healing. Dr Agueda Pedreshchi has found that Carbon Dioxide Gas generated inside a gel base can be effectively absorbed by the skin. It activates erythrocytes to supply more oxygen to dermal cells and therefore activates cell metabolism. Natural biological functions of the skin can be maximized and all kinds of skin problems can be settled at cell level.

Panama is fast becoming the medical Tourism centre of the world with modern up-to-date medical centers. Panama boasts new hospital facilities, state of the art and located in the most prestigious part of Panama City. At Panamas International Medicine Centers, you will not only find surgical excellence equal to that of the United States and Europe but affordable health solutions as well.

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