Author Kelly Moran Publishes New Book of Fictional Drama, "When the Leaves Stop Falling"

Milwaukee, WI, December 12, 2007 --( In this heartfelt work of fictional drama by Kelly Moran, she is able to bring four very strong characters to life, and with them both old and new courtships, in the midst of a storyline that has rarely been successfully accomplished.

“Her work is comparative to Dinah McCall and Nicholas Sparks.” Lynn Lorbeske

When the Leaves Stop Falling Synopsis:
Serena Edwards wanted nothing more than to return home, little white pills and all. She didn’t care about the doctors, or hospitals, or the light at the end of the tunnel she’s heard so much about. She just required her Grandmother's arms to envelope the hurt away. However, on the daunting road trip home she meets a stranger with saddened eyes and scars of her own. A woman who was becoming an unexpected and welcomed friend.

Jake Warner knew nothing except Serena was coming home. He had a sinking suspicion it wasn’t good, but why did he care? She left him, and never glanced back. He didn’t see her in his dreams, or smell her scent everywhere he went…He didn’t still love her. Who was he kidding?

Courtney Morgan had escaped unspeakable abuse ten years earlier. The beatings hadn’t stopped the visions then, what made her think they were masked and controlled now? She’s safe at present, in her throw-away town, that is until an ailing wanderer with a rooted secret gives her the sudden urge to hop in the car and flee again.

Austin Edwards had dreaded his entire life for the call, the one that told him there was nothing left they could do to help her. So his sister was returning home, but who was this woman with her? She was like an innocent and a fantasy all at once…with the voice of an angel, calm and healing.

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Authors Biography:
Kelly Moran, a native of Milwaukee, WI, learned at a very young age that she loved to spin a good story. She is thirty years old, married, and has twin sons. With two previously published works, more on their way, and an award winner, she is quickly edging her way into our hearts. Other published works include, Forty-Second Street, and An Insomniac’s Dream.

Kelly Moran
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