Benson Wang Wants Students to Discover the Benefits of Becoming a Rental Property Specialist

Richmond, Canada, August 31, 2015 --( Although graduating from high school is a momentous occasion that signals a rite of passage into the adult world, many students are often overwhelmed with what they are going to do next. Many choose to become involved in real estate, and although this is not the right career for everyone, Benson Wang explains that there are many benefits to specializing in rental property.

Advantages to Pursuing a Career in Rental Property Management
Unlike mortgage brokers, rental property specialists focus primarily on renters, instead of buyers. This allows them the following benefits:
- The escalating cost of rent will eventually surpass deductible expenses
- More lenient and friendly tax payer rules
- The ability to deduct mortgage interest on rental properties
- And much, much more.

Recent high school graduates and individuals of all ages who would like to find out more about whether a career as a rental property agent is right for them are encouraged to contact the Benson Wang tutorial school or visit the website at

About Benson Wang
Benson Wang not only offers preliminary mortgage and real estate courses to UBC students, but provides them with an abundance of knowledge that will be applicable in the real world once they graduate. Countless testimonials from past students can attest to the fact that Benson Wang takes care to ensure that any student who enters through his doors will pass their real estate course. Richmond-based Benson Wang has watched countless students succeed in the real world after merely a year of passing their exams, despite the competitive real estate market in Canada.
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