BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Explores Future of “Double Ending”

BC real estate license tutorial school Benson Wang explores the rise and future of “double ending” – the act of representing both the buyer and the seller – in the Vancouver real estate market. Double ending has been used recently to conduct “shadow-flipping,” a... - April 21, 2016

BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Explores Province’s Hot Real Estate Market

Vancouver-based BC real estate license tutorial school Benson Wang explores the hot real estate market currently seen in the province and the actions taken by the government in order to make it easier for newcomers to own a home. Just this Tuesday, the B.C. government used its balanced budget as a... - March 24, 2016

BC Real Estate License Tutorial School Benson Wang Explores Home Purchasing Trends Including Stunted Homebuilding and Independent Lenders

In addition to their comprehensive courses, Vancouver-based BC real estate license tutorial school Benson Wang regularly explores different trends and happenings in the real estate market to keep both new and experienced realtors in the loop. Two current trends in the industry that their real... - December 25, 2015

Benson Wang Helps Students Achieve Successful BC Real Estate License Certification Through Hands-On Courses

Individuals who are currently enrolled in the UBC real estate program may be worried about the final exam’s high fail rate. This means that in order to succeed, individuals will have to do a lot more than just read the provided textbook. Fortunately, Benson Wang’s tutorial school helps... - October 11, 2015

Benson Wang's Real Estate & Mortgage Tutorial School Offering BC Real Estate License Courses

Vancouver-based company, Benson Wang is offering comprehensive BC real estate license courses for those looking to get into the market. Their comprehensive, rigorous training programs give students the skills needed to obtain their license, succeed in the real estate market and gain a better... - October 05, 2015

Benson Wang Wants Students to Discover the Benefits of Becoming a Rental Property Specialist

Although graduating from high school is a momentous occasion that signals a rite of passage into the adult world, many students are often overwhelmed with what they are going to do next. Many choose to become involved in real estate, and although this is not the right career for everyone, Benson... - August 31, 2015

Benson Wang Offers Students an Intensive & Accelerated Realtor Course

The University of British Columbia real estate program is not an easy class to pass, but students who take the exam successfully are well on their way to becoming fully licensed real estate agents. Fortunately, Benson Wang wants every student to succeed and achieve all of their goals in life, which... - July 24, 2015

UBC Students Excel with the Help of Benson Wang’s Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Courses

In order to become a mortgage broker in Canada, individuals must first have significant, proven experience in the mortgage industry. Before students first become mortgage brokers they must get hired by a mortgage broker, apply for a sub-mortgage broker license, apply for a mortgage broker license,... - June 09, 2015

Benson Wang Reminds British Columbian Students About the New Procedure for Attaining a Real Estate License

Vancouver residents who are currently looking to pursue a career in real estate should know that the licensing procedure has recently been changed. That is why at Benson Wang’s tutorial school students not only learn the valuable content necessary to pass the exam, but the entire process... - March 16, 2015

Benson Wang’s Real Estate & Mortgage Tutorial School Now Offering a Free First Class for New UBC Rental Property Pre-Licensing Exam Students

Becoming a real estate agent in British Columbia takes many different steps, the first involving successfully passing the UBC rental property pre-licensing exam. However, even this step can prove tricky to many students as the passing rate has a reputation for being quite low. That is why it is... - February 19, 2015

Benson Wang’s Tutorial Real Estate School Introduces Students to the New Guidelines for Becoming an Agent

In early January of this year, the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) is going to be introducing students to a new Residential Trading Services Applied Practice Course. In addition, the Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course will be offered sometime in spring 2015. These... - January 22, 2015

Benson Wang’s Real Estate Tutorial School Ensures Every Student Successfully Attain Their Real Estate License

Although Benson Wang’s tutorial school is not a University-level licensing institution, it is a real estate program unlike any other in British Columbia. Ideally, the Benson Wang real estate tutorial is intended for students who are already enrolled in the University of British Columbia real... - December 24, 2014

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