New Album by Daniel Diaz: Swan Song

Instrumental, electro-acoustic, experimental, jazz, world, tango, classical, are among the many influences for this sensitive album where Daniel Diaz show his skills as composer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger. After many years composing and recording for Films and TV and working on diverse projects, DD is ready to release his most personal collection of music yet.

Los Angeles, CA, October 15, 2015 --( After a 25 year long recording career, comprising a dozen albums released as a leader or co-leader, in several styles, from electro-acoustic to post-rock, tango and jazz, Daniel Diaz releases Swan Song in October 2015.

This is the third and last installment in a trilogy of world-jazz-fusion solo "composer" albums, started in 1995 with The Years Alone (Green Linnet/Xenophile USA) and continued in 2002 with Segundo Ciclo, (Timeless Records, Netherlands).

In these personal albums, Daniel Diaz shows his skills as composer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger, and gathers compositions written in different places and times, with varied styles and instrumentations. In Swan Song you’ll find simple and catchy instrumental compositions with strong, sensitive melodies, passionate and sophisticated harmonies and atmospheres, rather gentle rhythms and a variety of instruments and sounds.

Like the two aforementioned discs, Daniel Diaz asked for help from some greats who gave life to these songs and added musicality and talent to Swan Song.

“They managed to interpret the meaning of all this, that is, for me, simplicity and beauty prevail over technique.

“If there is something complicated or 'difficult' here its subliminal and hidden to the sensitive ear. Ideally the technical sophistication of the composer should never get in the way of beauty, melodies and emotion.

“In Swan Song there are tracks with odd and irregular metric, unexplained modulations, dozens of time-signature changes, erroneous dissonances, tempo shifts, etc. But hopefully it all goes unnoticed (only visible to the musicians who read the sheet music and to those who try to transcribe this music).” -DD Dec 2014

Music composed and arranged by Daniel Diaz.

Performed by Daniel Diaz: acoustic and electric basses, guitars and pianos, vibes, hang, harmonium, percussion, accordina, charango, ukelele, synths.

Featuring :

Steve Arguelles (UK) Drums
Gustavo Bulgach (USA/Arg) Clarinet
Patrick Bebey (Cameroon) Fender Rhodes
Javier Estrella (Argentina) Drums
Leandro Guffanti (Argentina) Soprano Sax
Damian Jarry (France) Cellos
Line Kruse (Denmark) Violins
David Lewis (Australia) Flugel Horn
Olivier Manoury (France) Bandoneon
Daniel Miguez (Argentina) Drums
Norberto Pedreira (Arg/Fr) Guitar
Bobby Rangell (USA) Alto Sax, flutes
Luis Rigu (Arg/Fr) : Quena, Sikus.
Inor Sotolongo (Cuba) Congas
Miguel Yanover (Argentina) Tenor Sax

Track List
1. Otoño y Martes (love theme n°1)
2. Os Historicos
3. Romántica Cromática
4. Antefinal
5. Ganimedes
6. Erik Satie’s Farewell
7. Alexis Luminoso
8. Tristesse Collateral
9. Same Old Song
10. Harold’s Lake
11. Resumé (Swan Song)
total time 47:26

Bonus Tracks:
12. Palermo
13. Neo Zamba (Fin de Siècle)
14. New York Polonaise
15. Gandolfini Etc.
16. Vignette L.A.
Total Time 29:23

Liner notes
Album preview (excerpts) :
Full track preview :
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