LearnToSail.Net Releases Navigation Aid Course Conversion Calculator

A handy navigation tool that solves tvmdc, corrects magnetic compass error and much more after only a few moments.

Fayston, VT, December 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- LearnToSail.Net has just released the Navigation Aid Course Conversion Calculator.

"So many boaters find this area of navigation confusing. A simplified explanation of true course, the magnetic compass, compass error and compass correction of correct variation and deviation and relative bearings is given on this navigation tool and can be done on the fly."

Solve tvmdc is a formula, which helps when making a magnetic compass correction regarding the misalignment of true north and magnetic north, dealing directly with the magnetic compass. T = true north; V = variation in degrees between true north and magnetic north; M = the magnetic compass reading after adjustment is made between true north and magnetic north; D = deviation of the magnetic compass as it may be affected by the magnetic forces on the boat such as electronic devices and/or metal parts located near the magnetic compass.

After only a few moments of experimentation with this navigation tool you will be able to solve tvmdc, correct magnetic compass error and make magnetic compass corrections of correct variation and deviation, find course to steer and convert relative bearings to true bearings easily, quickly and accurately with a turn of only three dials.

This coastal navigation tool is non-electronic, made of a durable plastic with holes made for a three ring loose leaf book and is guaranteed to be accurate within ¼ of 1 degree, simple to use, and inexpensive. No pencil is needed when using this device. The calculator is an incredible device that will benefit any boater, whether it be in a classroom or on a boat. It can also be used to verify GPS or other electronic readings. The Course Conversion Calculator comes with easy to follow instructions and an unconditional warranty.

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Linda Cullum
Linda Cullum
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