Future Breeze - Spain to Install Offshore Wind Farms

In an effort to boost the use of renewable energy sources, the government of Spain has permitted legislation for the set up of offshore wind parks.

Delhi, India, December 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- RNCOS has recently released a comprehensive market research report “Spain Energy Sector Outlook” that analyzes the changing scenario of the energy sector in Spain. As per the report, the wind power installed capacity in Spain has increased to 11,615 MW during 2006, with the new installed capacity of 1588 MW and is projected to reach up to 20,155 MW by 2010.

The report has found that Spain is the pioneer in worldwide wind industry along with Germany and stands as the second biggest wind energy producer at the European as well as international level.

Among the 27-nation conglomerate, EU, Spain stands at the leading position in terms of wind power production. Also, the country intends to increase the energy derived from renewable sources to three times by 2020. Renewable energy in Spain has progressed at a much higher rate of 4.3% since 2001, the report said.

In an attempt to enhance the use of renewable energy sources, the government of Spain has permitted a legislation that allows the set up of offshore wind parks besides the nation's huge coastline, which attracts millions of sun seekers every year, making Spain as the second most visiting country after France.

Furthermore, increasing the use of renewable sources in the energy mix will also benefit Spain to reduce its reliance on the oil imports which constitute nearly 49.5% of Spain’s energy mix, the report adds.

In comparison to the land-based wind farms, although more expensive, the offshore wind parks can get considerable benefit from the stable and stronger coastal breezes. However, the critics remain apprehensive that the offshore wind parks will tarnish the landscape and impair fishing. To alleviate the uneasiness, the government has told that the projects would require approval from the environment ministry.

The report also notifies that the government will also spot out the best places where the parks can be set up, which require a minimum size of 50 Megawatts, and interested corporations will then be allotted the area.

“Spain Energy Sector Outlook” provides extensive research and rational analysis on the proliferating market of renewable energy sector in Spain, which will be playing major role in the energy industry in future.

The forecast given in the research is based on a correlation between past market growth and the base drivers, like economic performance, competitive structure, expected demand, and regulatory framework.

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